World's first Patented blood test device with a decentralized wellness protocol

Synsal its vision is to disruptively provide a new class of wellness monitors for home use that tracks internal biomarkers.
Our next generation & Nobel Prize winning technology ...
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What's wrong with tech recruiting?

As the overall tech industry continues to grow exponentially, it has become appearent that traditional hiring practices are no longer suitable for both recruiters and developers

Challenges Faced by Recruiters

Evaluating whether or not a candidate is the right fit for a company has been difficult to prove through the traditional interviewing process
Scouting new talent is inefficient due to an abundance of platforms and the overload of resumes without an easy way to filter through each candidate

Challenges Faced by Developers

Many jobs are never posted online and require extensive networking and connections in order to even be considered for the position
No easy way to find small projects and tasks to build up their portfolios and display the abilities of the developer during the job search process
The Future

Own Your Blood Capital

Since its establishment, around 1,500 projects were generated that reached approximately 300,000 developers.
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