The Babylon Project
by World Blockchain Hackathon
16th-30th Oct 2020
+200 TEAMS
16th -30Oct
Virtual Blockchain
The cradle of civilization & jewel of ancient Mesopotamia — is a symbol of what people can achieve when they come together to build, irrespective of their nationalities and languages. The Babylon Project starts with a 2-week Virtual blockchain hackathon. We believe hackathons and community development are solid ways to really educate people and build a better decentralized future.

We believe in creating an ecosytem that empowers blockchain builders across the globe by providing equal access to awesome founders irrespective of their location & language. We aim to empower +50,000 Blockchain developers across the globe by 2025.

The Tower of Builders.

Our hackathons are 100% Community funded. We believe in establishing a strong foundation for agnostic decentralized blockchain future through #BUIDLING & value creation across the globe.

All sponsorships are considered as staking into the Babylon Project.
Call for

We are always looking out for high quality mentors. All mentors are vetted.

Mentorship is an integral part of our hackathons and literally changes lives.
Become a Node
A HackNode will volunteer to reach out to top universities in his/her country, become part of our DAO counsel & enjoy the happiness that innovation brings.
Although we are based in SF, we believe in building from any & everywhere. Blockchain nomads.
Babylon DAO Fund
For many entrepreneurs across the whole, fundraising is hard. Most projects are abandoned after hackathons because the hackers do not have enough resources continuing with the project.
coming soon
Chukwudi Derek Uche
CEO @Village || Past @Google
Chukwudi's background is in software engineering, specifically in computational and generative machine learning tools for design and mobile systems. Village is an investment platform empowering individuals to own the communities they live in.
Vadim Romanov
Financial Analyst @Elysium Venture Capital

Vadim focuses on financial and commercial due diligence of potential investment opportunities between $1-20M. He is also a partner @World Blockchain Hackathon.
Founder and CEO Domineum Blockchain Solutions
Co-Founder and Director of VoguePay
Advisor and active collaborator in developing Nigeria's ICT and Financial Regulation sector, including areas of e-government and e-pay.
Founder @UniDao @Voronkov Ventures
Dr. Andrey E. Voronkov is the founder of Voronkov Ventures, which was founded out of his interest in the international high-technology business
.UNIDAO is set of community driven decentralized organizations aiming to create a vehicle of collective investment, leveraging DeFi ecosystem.
Founding Partner @Wiase Capital
Joshua is an impact focused investor & a polymath technologist who operates as a interdisciplinary Leader. I am a senior level Software Engineer focused on user centric information technology.
President and Founder at ECOTECH VISION
Dr. Pandwe Gibson is the President and Founder of EcoTech Visions. A business Maker incubator focused on deepening the innovative ecosystems to include light manufacturing and production firms.
CA Blockchain Working Group, Partner at Tackett Bartlett LLP, Member at Berkeley City Council
Attorney. Berkeley City Council member. California Blockchain Working Group. Green Finance. Infrastructure. Housing. Healthcare and Life Sciences. Policy Innovation. Opportunity Zones. Impact Capital. Global Reach.
The Babylon Project Council member & Founder @Coincidence Agency
B2B Partnerships & Business Development. Fundraising Strategies and IR. DeFi. Fintech. STO & Tokenization. DAO & DAICO
Schedule for 16th-30th Oct 2020
Thursday, Oct 1
Our exclusive active discord channel opens only to accepted +3000 participants, partners, & sponsors.
Monday, Oct 16
Opening Ceremony
- Beginning of a new dawn
Tuesday, Oct 30
(More information coming soon)
World Blockchain Hackthon
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